Match Day

Match Day

This annual rite of passage, known as Match Day, was established in 1952 by the National Resident Matching Program of the Association of American Medical Colleges. The matching program provides an orderly and fair way to match the preferences of applicants with those of the residency programs that offer the training.

At Upstate Medical University, 100% of the fourth-year medical students received residency appointments. Nationwide, 93 percent of all US medical graduates matched to a residency program.

Nearly half will enter the primary care specialties comprised of:

  • Internal Medicine (23 percent)
  • Pediatrics (16 percent)
  • Family Practice (5.3 percent)
  • Combined Medicine/Pediatrics (2.6 percent)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (2 percent)

Eighteen percent will pursue surgical specialties, five percent will train in psychiatry and four percent in emergency medicine.

While SUNY Upstate medical graduates will go to 26 different states, 55 percent have decided to remain in New York. Thirty graduates will remain in Syracuse: 21 at University Hospital and nine at St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center.

In addition to matching its students to programs throughout the country, SUNY Upstate has also filled its own 110 specialty and subspecialty residency positions, according to William Grant EdD, associate dean for graduate medical education. "The fact that we filled all the openings in our own teaching hospital even in the primary care programs where there was less of an interest at the national level is highly significant and speaks to the quality of our programs," he said.